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WarioWare, inc: Twisted Eight-Bit Box Art (Wario shown)

Fake NES Game #2: WarioWare, inc: Twisted Eight-Bit


Wario's MicrgamesEdit

Wario makes games that are Wario-ified versions of original NES games.

  • Dr. Wario (Dr. Mario)
  • Super Wario Bros. 3 (Super Mario Bros.)
  • The Legend of Warioette (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Donkey Kong Wario (Donkey Kong)
  • Wario Bros. (Mario Bros.)
  • Sowari (Somari)
  • Warshi (Yoshi)
  • Warshi's Money (Yoshi's Cookie)
  • Wario-Mania (Pac-Mania Tengen)
  • Wariopede (Millipede)
  • Wario Stacked (Tetris)
  • Super Wario Bros. (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Wario Street 3-2-1 (Sesame Street 1-2-3)

18-Volt's MicrogamesEdit

18-Volt makes SNES, GBA, and DS games NESified.

  • Mario Paint
  • Super Mario World
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Pac-Pix
  • Brain Age
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • WarioWare D. I. Y.
  • Pokemon Platinum


Microgame Maker (D. I. Y Function)Edit

Finish all of Wario's Microgames.

Cheat Code: 67890

Kat & Ana's MicrogamesEdit

Cheat Code:12345

Dribble & Splitz MicrogamesEdit

Cheat Code: 07334

9-Volt's MicrogamesEdit

Cheat Code: 10000

Main Menu SelectionsEdit

Play MicrogameEdit

You can play any of your unlocked Microgames

Make New GamesEdit

If you have unlocked the D. I. Y Funtion (see pg. 2.1), select this to make a microgame!

Cheat Code EntryEdit

Select this to enter a cheat code to unlock stuff.


See pg. 4.1-4.3


Delete Data (HANDLE WITH CARE!)Edit

Select this to delete game data. This includes:

Unlocked Microgames

All Player Profiles

D. I. Y Games

D. I. Y Funtion Data

Full Game Data

Unlocked Microgame stages (e.g, Kat & Ana, 9-Volt, etc.)

Audio/Volume OptionsEdit

You can adjust the sound settings. This includes:

Game Language

Music Level

SFX Level

Voice Level

Controler ConnectionEdit

Select this to put in a new controller for 2-Player fun! (NOTE: You cannot plug in a respondable controller without choosing this setting)

How many players?Edit

This game can use 2 players.

It can hold up to 5 player profiles

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